Would you like your product images outstanding as professional advertising?

Have you ever wondered what makes famous products so stunning?

This a result of a technique called Realistic Illustration: a mix of skills and software (photoshop, 3D, retouches, illustration) destined to create an image better than a real picture.

What can I do for you?

• Realistic Illustration – your product catching your client’s attention: tasty, vibrant, contemporary, shine, fresh, warm, crispy, it is up to you. Photo manipulation – We know that some products are hard to take a perfect shot, so I can fix it.

• Digital mockup – When your product is being manufactured and you can’t take a picture yet, but you need this image (packaging, social media, online store, eCommerce, etc).

• Professional Branding – Beautiful is not the main key to create a logo. Functionality and identity are a signal for a professional brand, your logo should works in any situation: digital, print, label, stamp, grayscale, etc.

Why me?

Hi, my name is Flavio! I’m an enthusiastic designer with more than 10 years of experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work for a variety of companies and agencies, I also became Leader of the design team in an American Global Company. Those experiences bring me the ability to see the design in different points o view. I collaborate closely with clients, this is important for me to provide exceptional graphic design service.

Let’s talk about your project and ideas? Send a message: cordeirodesigner@gmail.com

I would love sharing my skills to improve your business.


Email/Meet: cordeirodesigner@gmail.com

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